In the move of the college in 2000 to require faculty members to undergo research activities, the faculty members of the College of Computer Studies (now College of Computer Studies and Engineering) proposed rather to come up with a system that will expand the capability of the existing Novell-run registration and cashiering system (referred here as the Novell system). The Novell system is dependent on a Novell network and it is operated on DOS mode.

The faculty members, after some consultations, have been joined by experienced individuals from the Computer Services Department (now Marketing and IT Services). The decision to develop the system using the web platform rather than compiled systems was based on the greater plan for the project - availability and manageability of the improvement, maintenance, and deployment of the system.

The initial team of developers were composed as follows:
    Mr. Allan R. Lao, faculty, system analysis and programming;
    Mr. Eusebio Mique Jr., faculty, database management and programming;
    Mr. Raymund Baniqued, faculty, write-up and documentation;
    Engr. Rommel C. Oli, faculty, database management and system analysis;
    Mr. Allan M. Cacdac, system administrator, programming with web interface;
    Mr. Angelito O. Carbonell, faculty, IT staff, experienced web programmer; and;
    Mr. Rufino R. Macagba III, infrastructure consultant, project director.

The alpha and beta releases (version 0.90 beta) have been ushered during the enrollment of second semester, school year 2000-2001. The project have been continued with the faculty during the second semester as their research activity load - as part of their teaching load.

The start of the summer of 2002, the teaching members of the team have expressed excuse to continue the development.

Mr. Carbonell continued the development of the AIMS project after office hours while working with the System Administrators on their servers. The second official release of AIMS came deployed during the first semester of school year 2003-2004. It featured the registration and scheduling of students. From thereon, the system was single-handedly developed by one person with help from Mr. Allan Cacdac.

Thereafter, the development for grading system, academic achievers, student checklist, and multi-user security authentication paved way for version three (v3) of AIMS.
A few more major changes have been made including the strengthening of the authentication, icon images, printing, reporting, activity logs, and specific modules required by respective offices were developed.